Frequently Asked Questions

+How much does it cost to enter?

€5 for under '18s and €10 for any over '18s

+How much of my registration fee will go to charity?

Registration fees will be apportioned as follows:

  • 85% to the selected national charities, namely

    • Irish Cancer Society

    • Jack and Jill Foundation

    • Feed the Heroes

    • Barrettstown

    • Alone

  • 10% to St. Senans AC, Athletic Club based in Kilmacow, Co Kilkenny, as club fundraiser for running costs of club facilities and hosting/attending athletic events

  • 5% to MyRunResults who have been selected to coordinate and manage registrations/results

At the time of registration, every participant will have the option of which of the 5 national charities they would like to fundraise for.

In the event that entries exceed 10,000 participants (€100,000), 95% of registration fees thereafter will be contributed to charity and 5% to MyRunResults.

+What prize will the winner receive?

The winner will receive a commemorative trophy of Irelands Fittest Person 2020. Commemorative t-shirts and medals can be ordered from MyRunResults at an additional cost if desired. There will be no monetary prize.

+How do I register?

Registrations are only accepted online via MyRunResults

Registration will open on Monday 27th April 2020. The challenge will commence on Monday, 4th May.

+Is there a deadline for entering the challenge?

You can register at any time during the initial 4 week County Round stage up until 31st May 2020

If you don't get to enter before Week 1 commences on Monday 4th May, don't worry. You can enter at any stage throughout the 4 week league round period. The entry fee will remain unchanged throughout this time and only one bleep test result can be submitted weekly per person.

+How long does challenge run for?

The challenge will run over 4 consecutive weeks.

Event Schedule - County League Rounds

  • Week 1 - Monday, 4th May - Sunday, 10th May

  • Week 2 - Monday, 11th-May - Sunday, 17th May

  • Week 3 - Monday, 18th May - Sunday, 24th May

  • Week 4 - Monday, 25th May - Sunday, 31-May

Provincial Rounds will commence on Monday, 1st June. Details regarding provincial and national knock-out rounds will be published by Sunday, 17th May.

+What is the beep test?

The Beep Test, also known as the PACERtest or PACER (Progressive Aerobic muscular Run), the 20 m Shuttle Run Test (20 m SRT), or the multi-stage fitness test, is a running test used to estimate an athlete's aerobic capacity (VO2 max). In the test, athletes must run from one line to another (20m apart) before a timed beep. Athletes must continue running back and forth, each time reaching the line before the next beep. Once one can no longer run, the test is over and the number of laps is recorded. As the test continues, the time between beeps gets shorter. Further detail here

+Is there a deadline for submitting weekly Bleep Test results?

The challenge will run over 4 consecutive weeks. Results must be submitted to MyRunResults at any stage each week but the final deadline each week is every Sunday at 9pm. In order to allow challenge organisers to compile results each week, results received after 9pm every Sunday will not be considered.

+How do I look up weekly results and league tables?

Results will be published every Monday for each county in Ireland on MyRunResults

+What will I need to participate?

  • A 20 metre running strip. For example a 20 metre grass section in your back garden

  • A measuring tape to mark out the 20 metre running section.

  • Two markers/lines.

  • A helper to record you doing the Bleep Test.

+What are the different categories?

There are a wide range of categories to suit all ages and abilities including individual, group and novelty sections. Full list of categories can be found here

+Who do I contact if I have a query?

All queries can be sent to

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